I Love…

How many times have you said the word love today? What do you love?I have list that can go on forever that I can say “I love” this or that but in this video this poet speaks about doing a very simple task of looking at yourself in the mirror and saying a very simple phrase ” I Love You”.  The word love is not difficult to say but the “you”,taking  her one year to finally truthfully accept herself and say those simple words. It is hard to understand why as humans who are compassionate and caring toward others are not able to do that for themselves. It is because we are taught a very young age not to be selfish and vain or society telling us we need change every  feature of ourselves that looks different until we look like the images that are persevered as acceptable. But is it such a crime to want to appreciate yourself when you know you have a million flaws.  She does make the point of if you can say those words to others or things how can you love be true if you do not love yourself? Love needs a source. The best way to describe this is her metaphor of the tree. As she said the tree needs base in the roots in order to grow. Although in order to grow in needs a seed and if that seed is not plated then it can’t grow. As I watched this video I was eating up every word she said as if they were like fresh cookies baked out of the oven until I reached the very end and I had to face the truth. It took her one year to say one simple phrase that most of us say everyday to our family,friends or even food-especially food- but most people were unable to say to themselves. I looked in the mirror and I realized that this is not the girl I feel in love with one year ago. No, this was a girl is lost, stressed and unconventional. Then that is when I realized that my tree needed water,sun and of course love because I am not the same girl anymore.  I needed to find myself again in this crazy new forest called college(My campus is in fact in the middle of the forest) . I don’t love myself but I am willing to get to know who this new girl is. I can all ready tell this is new girl is worth falling in love with
and will turn into a beautiful relationship.  It just starts with a simple “Hello”.