Spring is here you know what that means..


Spring is here you know what that means..

Well time to clean! Spring Cleaning was never a “thing” in my home but I realized that most of my life needs a very good scrub sp I decided to be part of the festivities of spring cleaning this year. Though I have shared this article with you on “How clean anything from A-Z”, I also wanted to share with you my week of  trying to accomplish spring cleaning. As I looked at the list I started to say “I wonder if rich people have to deal with this”? As my sorrow of not being rich went away and realization of being a poor college student I started to clean most of my stuff like my water bottle,make up-brushes and sneakers. Though I was mostly done with most of my material things I also felt like I needed more of internal spring cleaning because I felt that my thoughts and ideas need to be organized as well. I started to write down some of goals that I want to accomplish. One of my goals is too look more positively at things because I tend get very discourage very easily. So I printed some quotes that made feel happier,less stress and motivated. Moreover,I made myself a ritual to write what I need to do next day because I tend to rush in the morning. Well as am going through all this I am realizing that on the first day I am feeling better and more organized. Though of course in the middle of the week started to get off track and I felt that like this was not the best approach but I decided to keep going. By the end of week I felt like I accomplished more if I didn’t organize. Now I hope by the end of the quarter I feel more accomplished and be able to keep going in college and beyond. If not ,well, keep an eye out for my post on “How I failed on being organized: the life of a messy college student”.Happy Cleaning!