40 Things Every College Girl Needs To Be Reminded Once In A While

The daily struggles of being a college girl. Though I agree with most some are just plain funny.

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1. The number of weekends you have in college to go out and let loose is not infinite, go out at least once a weekend.

2. So you’ve gained a few pounds? You’re becoming a woman you’re not supposed to look 18 forever.

3. College wouldn’t be college if you got 8 hours of sleep every night. Embrace being tired it means you’re doing something right.

4. Pizza is one of God’s great creations, you’re hurting God’s feelings when you act too good for it.

5. Don’t let one creepy guy form your opinion on an entire fraternity.

6. Do not minimize what a privilege college is. Many people who are capable to be where you are can’t get there for a variety of reasons. Respect your opportunities.

7. Don’t settle for attention from icky guys

8. Don’t settle period.

9. Don’t give up if you’ve…

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Well this awkward!


     I never though it would be this hard and easy all the same time. I can usually talk to someone about myself because most people don’t have perfect memory and I feel I am better in person. Though once I write all this down it will most likely be here forever. It will be funny to see this many years from now-most likely in a couple of months- but having any else see this is really nerve racking. Although, I am ready to take the challenge even though I have no choice.

So now that I am almost completing my first year of college-like what-I am ready to fully indulge myself into defining myself as college student. So far my first quarter as the leaves feel from the trees for fall I felt the nervous shaking and slow fall to ground . Being overwhelmed by the fact that ,against all odds, I reached my dream of being the first in family to attended a four year university I stared to realize this is not a dream but reality I “fall” under the pressure. I question the very being of my intelligence and wondered do I even belong here? After my first failure in my first class I thought my dream was over and I let everyone down.As I came back home and everyone asked “how is college” it was hard to tell them how difficult it was.

Though I feel in love with every single thing about college and knew I have not experienced half of college experience. Once I came back for winter quarter I realized that my dream was not over. The first test was realizing that I am going to fail and sometimes fail horribly. Though it will all be worth it once I start succeed and excel. This is just the beginning of my many lesson to be learned as a college student. Now the awkward part is telling you guys my story and my weird daily thoughts of life. Hi world I am Wuendy. Nice to meet you.