The end of this chapter.

So this blog was started for a writing class but it has changed my view of how I write. I was able to express my feelings, stresses and my life. I honestly thought these stories were only reserved for my journal. I am glad I was made to do this assignment because with blogging I was able to express things many people were actually interested in. So that being said I will not stop blogging. Now that I started to get a following of people who were not in my class it feels that the world is a little smaller. Now I am ready to do this a little more and still make this a weekly requirement. I am know in writers block because I am not really sure what to blog next. Then I realized not only this is the end of my class but my freshman year. I will be in my second year of College. I have so many lessons that I learned as a freshman. The first one is that everything is a balance. Yeah I am here for an education but I am here to grow as well. So now being more involved and feeling like I belong here I am ready to take the challenges of my second year but failing is ok. That is why my blog is here. Thank you for keeping an open space and likening my page. See you next week.


2 thoughts on “The end of this chapter.

  1. I really enjoyed your blogs this quarter. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts about life. You’re someone to look up to. Good luck this year and see you next year! Have a fun and safe summer.

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