This Is Google’s Dead-Simple Formula for a Perfect Resume


For soon-to-be college graduates or anyone else currently on the job hunt, Google’s head of human resources has some advice for impressing potential employers. Laszlo Bock, who oversees the hiring of 100 new Google employees each week, offered some more morsels of wisdom to the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman this weekend (a conversation earlier this year between Bock and Friedman touched on the same topic). Here’s a quick breakdown of his key insights.

Be specific on resumes: Bock points out that many people’s resumes are overly vague. Instead a resume should offer specific details about a worker’s job experience that help contextualize his accomplishments. Bock explains: “Most people would write a résumé like this: ‘Wrote editorials for The New York Times.’ Better would be to say: ‘Had 50 op-eds published compared to average of 6 by most op-ed [writers] as a result of providing deep insight…

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2 thoughts on “This Is Google’s Dead-Simple Formula for a Perfect Resume

  1. It’s nice to point this out and give advice to your readers. I feel that this is very helpful to those who have no clue of how to get a job. We also have resources on campus that provides this information.

    Laneisha B.

  2. I thought this was very cool. I agree that sometimes people write a broad resume which is not ideal when applying for a job. Since the employer does not you. I feel you need to shine through your résumé since it’s the first thing they see. Great post! Super helpful and informative.

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