Well this awkward!


     I never though it would be this hard and easy all the same time. I can usually talk to someone about myself because most people don’t have perfect memory and I feel I am better in person. Though once I write all this down it will most likely be here forever. It will be funny to see this many years from now-most likely in a couple of months- but having any else see this is really nerve racking. Although, I am ready to take the challenge even though I have no choice.

So now that I am almost completing my first year of college-like what-I am ready to fully indulge myself into defining myself as college student. So far my first quarter as the leaves feel from the trees for fall I felt the nervous shaking and slow fall to ground . Being overwhelmed by the fact that ,against all odds, I reached my dream of being the first in family to attended a four year university I stared to realize this is not a dream but reality I “fall” under the pressure. I question the very being of my intelligence and wondered do I even belong here? After my first failure in my first class I thought my dream was over and I let everyone down.As I came back home and everyone asked “how is college” it was hard to tell them how difficult it was.

Though I feel in love with every single thing about college and knew I have not experienced half of college experience. Once I came back for winter quarter I realized that my dream was not over. The first test was realizing that I am going to fail and sometimes fail horribly. Though it will all be worth it once I start succeed and excel. This is just the beginning of my many lesson to be learned as a college student. Now the awkward part is telling you guys my story and my weird daily thoughts of life. Hi world I am Wuendy. Nice to meet you.





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