This Is Google’s Dead-Simple Formula for a Perfect Resume


For soon-to-be college graduates or anyone else currently on the job hunt, Google’s head of human resources has some advice for impressing potential employers. Laszlo Bock, who oversees the hiring of 100 new Google employees each week, offered some more morsels of wisdom to the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman this weekend (a conversation earlier this year between Bock and Friedman touched on the same topic). Here’s a quick breakdown of his key insights.

Be specific on resumes: Bock points out that many people’s resumes are overly vague. Instead a resume should offer specific details about a worker’s job experience that help contextualize his accomplishments. Bock explains: “Most people would write a résumé like this: ‘Wrote editorials for The New York Times.’ Better would be to say: ‘Had 50 op-eds published compared to average of 6 by most op-ed [writers] as a result of providing deep insight…

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My Hood is Oakland.

As we approach the summer I am starting to reminisce of my first real summer job. An intern for the Oakland Globe which I had to apply with a form of creative writing. Once being interviewed and called back the very next day it felt this was great start of my journalism career.  I can still remember the first couple of weeks being taught how to capture pictures,videos, and sound. They told me that  they want to focus on issues like violence, health and youth. Growing up in Oakland violence is something that you see everyday but trying to prevent it is a very difficult task. So once I was able to talk to people on certain issues I could feel I was doing what I born to do, journalism. Though as I started my journey it was still so new there was so much to learn. One of first interviews was with the mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan. As we started I realized getting to the true story is more than asking questions. It is about knowing you have to treat people like people. That is when you will be able to get the “real story” then the rest will follow. Asking others how violence influenced there lives is one thing but knowing you are part of the same neighborhoods changes the prospective on many things. That as Oaknland-er you here this stories so often you feel  unfazed and numb. Though that is the problem we need to stop repeating the same story over and over again. We need to take this in a new light and stop asking how and why they died. Instead ask and show why they lived not only as an “inner” city person but a human trying to thrive. I am proud to say my hood-even with all its imperfection-will always be Oakland. I hope I can comeback to help it grow to the beautiful “Oak”-land I know it can be.

Gender Issues Could Be a Game Changer in India’s Elections


As India enters its second week of nationwide polls, the issue of female safety from sexual violence is coming second only to corruption in the minds of voters — and politicians, it seems, aren’t taking them seriously. According to a joint survey by Marketing and Development Research Associates and online campaign forum Avaaz, over 90% of Indians want tackling sexual violence treated as a priority, and 75% are not satisfied with the promises made by politicians on the issue so far.

Ever since the brutal gang rape and death of a 23-year-old in Delhi in December 2012, the country has agonized over the problem of sexual violence. But despite the protest marches and nationwide campaigning, many see a dearth of meaningful content in party manifestos when it comes to tackling the problem.

To help redress this, 70 independent civil-society activists have launched the so-called Womanifesto 2014, which sets out positions…

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Spring is here you know what that means..


Spring is here you know what that means..

Well time to clean! Spring Cleaning was never a “thing” in my home but I realized that most of my life needs a very good scrub sp I decided to be part of the festivities of spring cleaning this year. Though I have shared this article with you on “How clean anything from A-Z”, I also wanted to share with you my week of  trying to accomplish spring cleaning. As I looked at the list I started to say “I wonder if rich people have to deal with this”? As my sorrow of not being rich went away and realization of being a poor college student I started to clean most of my stuff like my water bottle,make up-brushes and sneakers. Though I was mostly done with most of my material things I also felt like I needed more of internal spring cleaning because I felt that my thoughts and ideas need to be organized as well. I started to write down some of goals that I want to accomplish. One of my goals is too look more positively at things because I tend get very discourage very easily. So I printed some quotes that made feel happier,less stress and motivated. Moreover,I made myself a ritual to write what I need to do next day because I tend to rush in the morning. Well as am going through all this I am realizing that on the first day I am feeling better and more organized. Though of course in the middle of the week started to get off track and I felt that like this was not the best approach but I decided to keep going. By the end of week I felt like I accomplished more if I didn’t organize. Now I hope by the end of the quarter I feel more accomplished and be able to keep going in college and beyond. If not ,well, keep an eye out for my post on “How I failed on being organized: the life of a messy college student”.Happy Cleaning!

NOCs of the Roundtable: Favorite Asian Bad Guys

All can think about is one of my favorite movies of all time Kill Bill. When Uma Thurman is thought how to fight by the awesome but cruel Pai Mei!

The Nerds of Color

This week on Hard N.O.C. Life, I’ll be interviewing our buddies Stephen and Patrick from the National Film Society. They just premiered their Kickstarted webseries Awesome Asian Bad Guys to packed houses last week during CAAMFest in San Francisco, and I was lucky enough to have them on to talk about the series. In addition to the NFS guys, I’ll also be speaking with Yuji Okumoto, aka Chozen from The Karate Kid II.

All this talk about Awesome Asian Bad Guys got me thinking about which iconic Asian villains are most beloved by the NOCs. So we assembled around the old roundtable and shared our own Awesome Asian Bad Guys.

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40 Things Every College Girl Needs To Be Reminded Once In A While

The daily struggles of being a college girl. Though I agree with most some are just plain funny.

Thought Catalog


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1. The number of weekends you have in college to go out and let loose is not infinite, go out at least once a weekend.

2. So you’ve gained a few pounds? You’re becoming a woman you’re not supposed to look 18 forever.

3. College wouldn’t be college if you got 8 hours of sleep every night. Embrace being tired it means you’re doing something right.

4. Pizza is one of God’s great creations, you’re hurting God’s feelings when you act too good for it.

5. Don’t let one creepy guy form your opinion on an entire fraternity.

6. Do not minimize what a privilege college is. Many people who are capable to be where you are can’t get there for a variety of reasons. Respect your opportunities.

7. Don’t settle for attention from icky guys

8. Don’t settle period.

9. Don’t give up if you’ve…

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Well this awkward!


     I never though it would be this hard and easy all the same time. I can usually talk to someone about myself because most people don’t have perfect memory and I feel I am better in person. Though once I write all this down it will most likely be here forever. It will be funny to see this many years from now-most likely in a couple of months- but having any else see this is really nerve racking. Although, I am ready to take the challenge even though I have no choice.

So now that I am almost completing my first year of college-like what-I am ready to fully indulge myself into defining myself as college student. So far my first quarter as the leaves feel from the trees for fall I felt the nervous shaking and slow fall to ground . Being overwhelmed by the fact that ,against all odds, I reached my dream of being the first in family to attended a four year university I stared to realize this is not a dream but reality I “fall” under the pressure. I question the very being of my intelligence and wondered do I even belong here? After my first failure in my first class I thought my dream was over and I let everyone down.As I came back home and everyone asked “how is college” it was hard to tell them how difficult it was.

Though I feel in love with every single thing about college and knew I have not experienced half of college experience. Once I came back for winter quarter I realized that my dream was not over. The first test was realizing that I am going to fail and sometimes fail horribly. Though it will all be worth it once I start succeed and excel. This is just the beginning of my many lesson to be learned as a college student. Now the awkward part is telling you guys my story and my weird daily thoughts of life. Hi world I am Wuendy. Nice to meet you.